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"I think every NY homeowner should get a free energy home survey to see what improvements and funding they can get. I didn't think I would be able to get anything and I was surprised"

Rabbi Rothman
Director of Institutional Advancement of Yeshiva Darchei Torah Far Rockaway

"I would definitely recommend JSynergy to homeowners who are looking to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient without paying money out of pocket."

Rabbi Shayeh Kohn
- Executive Director of Yeshiva of Far Rockaway

Window and Door Installation

April 5, 2015

I am the proud owner of RH Construction, a full service contractor. I have been in business for many years, and I work with fellow contractors all the time. This year, I had the pleasure to start working with J Synergy Green, and I am happy to say that the experience is continuously superb!
J Synergy usually calls me to measure and then install Windows and Doors on their clients' homes. The process is always smooth, and I always know   what to expect with their work. Their staff is very professional and always available when needed. J Synergy Green will certainly be around for a long time, and I am very excited to watch them continue to grow as a successful company.
Ronald Hinderhofer, President

Process Made Easy

May 10, 2014

I have had the pleasure of joining the J Synergy Green crew about 3 years ago, and my how they have grown leaps and bounds. My company has worked with Residential and Commercial clientele for over 15 years, but J Synergy is not like any other. So much so, that I generally tell my private customers to go through J Synergy, because they offer a service that is not to be matched. An oil-to-gas conversion, boiler replacement, or any major plumbing job can be a very difficult process if not guided properly, and the team at J Synergy Green, does just that.  Clients always have the proper expectation, the time-time-frame given is adhered to, and no job is complete until the client says so. Their ability to tune-in to every client's needs, and at the same time run an efficient job every time, is what is going to ensure their continuous growth. 
Josh Ifregan, Principal
Far Rockaway

Best Possible Service Quality in the Insulation Industry

May 21, 2014

At Air Seal Insulation it’s About You, the client. Our prime objective is to provide our clients with the best possible service quality in the insulation industry. We have been working with many General Contractors since 2002 and I must say The J Synergy Green team stands out from the rest. They have a professional operation, have skilled employees on their Team to get their clients a great bang for their buck with the NY State funding programs. Most importantly they understand the intricacies of working inside a client’s home or business. They handle each project with real caring about end result and customer’s needs.

We would like to wish them continuing success. 

Abba Kloc, VP Sales & Estimating

Veteran Group of Skilled and Trained Experts

June 5, 2014

“I was told that my job was one of the first for J Synergy Green, but it certainly did not feel that way. My wife and I felt as if we were working with a veteran group of skilled and trained experts”. 

Mr. Weiss, ESQ.
Long Island, New York


July 16, 2015

I have never met a group of such professional and true-to-their-word individuals like the J Synergy Green Team! Every detail of the job was clearly explained and every promise was fulfilled  without any fuss.

Dr. Howard Roth
Woodmere, New York

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